The game in action

Android: Disks and Squares Game

This game realizes the potential of the Java Disks and Squares Model by porting it to Android with a nice new view and controller.

The game in actionScreencast:



For this project, I took a model similar to that which I’ve used for the Disks and Squares Model, and a stock controller and viewer. Then I made the following modifications:

  • Many changes to the colors of the game
  • Blocks stopped being red rectangles, and instead became the sad faces you see here.
  • I changed the logic of the game so that now, there is a 50% chance that disks bounce off blocks, instead of sticking. To bounce off, they reverse their velocity. Disks still stick when hitting other stuck disks, however.
  • Every time a disk hits a jewel, you gain a few seconds on the game countdown timer.
  • You can click a square and move it.
  • Using paints and canvasses to draw objects onscreen. 
  • Drawing premade images onscreen.
  • Custom GUIs (as opposed to the traditional button/textview screens)
  • Android controllers
  • Understanding and editing unfamiliar code.