Android: Find my car


This handy app helps you remember where you left things. Cars, children, memories, whatever.

It is very easy to use.

When you are at, say, your car, turn on the app.

Then, click “This is where my car is at!” This will save your GPS location into memory.

You can then walk around and forget all about it.

Later, when you want to find your original location again, turn on the app. You’ll see a screen like this: 

Click on the “OK I left the mall. Find me my car!” button to do just that.

The arrow will start moving, and will unerringly point back to your car (or whatever other location you wanted to save).

It’s that easy.

This isn’t the most beautiful program, and that is by design.

I created this in a short time with the specific purpose of both learning about location tracking, and about interactive custom graphics and animation. I was successful in both those goals.



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