About me

I want to live on Sesame Street. Walkable, leafy, intergenerational, communal. Say hello to children and kind shopkeepers. Friends everywhere you look. Conversations, teaching, learning.

I care a lot about doing the right thing, and living in a better world. I’m interested in how people do that through three methods: computers, people, and ideas.

Also —

With computers: I worked on Civic Engagement, Election Integrity, and Presto at Facebook, and on the fundraiser at Wikimedia. (Also — founded two startups, worked on a couple others)

With people: So many things, including ideological organizing, campus organizing, online campaigning, Occupy, tech worker organizing, housing justice, and more.

With ideas: I got bit by the bug in Rochester in high school, then had all sorts of adventures in college. I kept it up somewhat since, with a project or two, and had the honor of playing a small part in launching Current Affairs Magazine. Lately, I’m back in the saddle.

With all three: I founded and ran Integrity Institute (with a cofounder and friends and members and so on — success has many parents — for over three years). Before that, I had a key part to play in the 2020 election.

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Get a quick understanding of how I’m doing now, or a brief overview of my (adult) life story, or maybe we can work together on some of my latest projects.