In 2020, I had quit my job at Facebook and moved into Somerville. I dove into my neighborhood, started a bunch of projects, and tried to heal from burnout. I wasn’t done with that, but had to put that all on hold to participate in the 2020 election. I also become a fellow at Berkman-Klein.

2021 was the year of founding The Integrity Institute. It’s great! Check it out. (Here’s a lovely piece laying out our launch).

I also focused on just a few other projects. Matchmaking (of many kinds), making mix tapes for Sarah, and thinking big thoughts with Berkman people. I helped kick ICE out of Massachusetts, but that honestly didn’t involve much work for me.

2022 has flown by. Lots of calls, lots of time making Integrity Institute more real. I haven’t left the house too often, and I also spent a lot of energy supporting Sarah as she finished her dissertation and prepared for a new job.

Now, the Institute is still my big main passion. I can’t believe time has flown by so far. I recently moved to Crown Heights, Brooklyn, with Sarah. She’s a law professor at Brooklyn Law now. Fancy!

Oh — and Sarah proposed!

We’re doing all the things that you do when you move in — find a doctor, redecorate, figure out who your friends will be and what your favorite coffeeshop is. It’s hard because we’re so busy and stressed: she’s starting life as a professor, teaching classes for the first time, etc. I’m trying to get this nonprofit further off the ground. (We recently raised One Million Dollars, which is nice).

One day soon I hope to revive Yenta as well. The FB posts are still happening, but the substack is a bit dormant.

It’s hard to have One Big Project for almost two years: at some point you need to start being less focused and more human. I think I need to live life more. Go outside, spend more time with friends, be more spontaneous. I miss hanging out with people, and generally relaxing. I miss being relaxed.

This is a “now” page, as opposed to a “then” page or “about” page. You can also read about my current projects, my pre-2021 life, or just go to my latest update.