I invite you to join me in these:

First, I’m matchmaking my friends to jobs, housing, and each other. You can sign up for the newsletter here. Please do.

Secondly, I’m running a book club focusing on Big Important Texts that are both timeless and also newly urgent for the present crisis. You can sign up here.

Third, I’m thinking in public rather more. I’m writing more, and being interviewed by podcasts. Ask me to be a guest on your podcast or publication.

Lastly, I’m a huge fan of the Movement Voter Project. You’re invited to learn more and hopefully make a monthly donation to them.

I’m also delighted to enjoy these:

Every week, I run the next episode of a Dungeons and Dragons campaign with a few friends, focusing (to the extent that can mean anything in this context) on factions, revolution, and betrayal.

Every day, I translate my thoughts from my head into text in Roam. It’s a delightful tool to do something I’ve always wanted: think, via writing, in discrete chunks, with backlinks. Try it out.

I’ve finally got an Arduino. I can’t wait to start messing around with it.

You might also want to know about these:

You can learn more about what I’m up to these days. It’s more personal, and less of a list.

You can also learn more about what I was up to in the past. It gives an overview of my life per year, since 2011. About 3 paragraphs per year.

And, of course, you could check out the blog, which always has my latest update.