Blessings for a newborn

A friend of mine recently announced that they had a new baby. Delightful!

(In fact, it seems like it’s baby season this last month or two. Maybe a bunch of people were waiting to conceive until after the 2020 election?)

She asked me for a blessing for the child. I like the idea. Here’s what I came up with, with a little assist from Sam Beam:

May your voice be well worth speaking. May your eyes be wide and seeing. May your mind be wise and seeking. May you play on the trail.

May you know how the fire started. May you lose what you must part with. May you never feel the hunger, May you understand yourself.

May your hands be strong and willing. May you know when to speak and to listen. May you be a joy to mention. May you learn from it all.

May you be content with yourself. May you be a joy both to raise and to help. May we benefit from your example. May you have a beautiful relationship with time.

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