Election Reax & liveblog: WOW. Lovely Warren won the Democratic Primary for mayor.

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Wow. Wow. Warren won the primary, 58% to 42% with all precincts reporting.

What does this mean?

I wonder if the big Warren boost came in part from the growing unrest over awful police practices? The large local rallies and news stories these days regard the police – Benny WarrEmily GoodBrenda Hardaway, even the Trayvon Martin case led to a march against racist policing.

More thoughts:

This is a defeat both for the institutional left and institutional Democratic party. The Working Families Party and labor unions partnered with the Joe Morrelle / establishment wing of the Dems to take on Lovely Warren.

This is a win for David Gantt.

This is a win for the corporate education privatization lobby.

This is a showcase of the power of an organized African-American community.

Does Richards still run on the Working Families Party and Independence line?

Update 1:

Council Races and School Board: Seems like the incumbents all won.

City News has its take up. It’s a good one.

Brian Sharp (D&C reporter) on twitter says: “Richards spox says tonight likely not the night for Richards decision on staying in the race for Nov #voteroc

Update 2:

Did I hear someone on WXXI say that Joe Morelle should resign? I can’t see that happening. Not that I saw Warren winning this race either.

Just heard Richard’s concession speech. Nothing about whether he would run again or not – but I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t.

Will there be pressure on Alex White to bow out of the race now, so that Richards has a better shot at winning?

There was an upset in the Henrietta Republican supervisor primary. The winner was the one *not* endorsed by the Conservative or Independence lines. Good?

Update 3:

WXXI has the Lovely Warren victory speech:

Update 4:

The D&C has their quick reaction article up. It doesn’t seem to say anything we don’t already know.

Commenter Alicia O has a nuanced take: (slightly edited for clarity)

I’m feeling torn about this. I want to see changes and new leadership and it is exciting to see people come together to take a stance against the status quo.

There is a lot to say about it all, but I’m most concerned with education. I’m VERY opposed to many aspects of Warren’s stated position/plan to “improve” city schools. She says in the plan that she supports recruit corporate charters and wants to attract Teach for America to the area. Rochester has plenty of highly qualified teachers in the area. The failure of city schools to prepare students does not have to do with finding teachers, rather, it’s about systemic inequality and disenfranchisement. She is extremely misguided if she thinks more Charters and TFA are the solutions.

However, she also has mentioned great ideas like partnering with Historically Black Colleges and expanding a school’s community. I hope that more informed people can steer her in the right direction and make her realize that supporting privatization is actually at odds with her vision.

Then again…politicians say stuff to get elected, so maybe she was just trying to appeal to everyone in the document. (Vouchers and charters are what supposedly lures more affluent families into sticking around in the city…but what about the promise of public ed.?) Lots to think about.

People can read her education document here. [pdf]

Meanwhile commenter Zora has a more straightforward take:

Alex White should step out of the race for the general election so he doesn’t take votes away from Richards….

Update 5:

Seth Voorhees of YNN (but in a personal capacity) tweets: ”Richards says he’ll take a few days to consider next move, after losing Dem primary to Lovely Warren.”

Meaghan M. McDermott at the D&C has a nice roundup of the suburban races.

I think it’s time to pack it in. What an upset! Definitely a shakeup in the perceived and real power for different factions within the Democratic party of the city. I’m sure we’ll know more in the following few days. Night night everyone.

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