Letter to a friend struggling with mental health

Have you read Ella Enchanted?

The sad fact is that you were born with a curse like Ella.
This is not your fault.

unlike Ella we don’t live in a narrative world of freedom and light and
there may never be a sort of “love conquers all” thing that frees you completely.

But also luckily for you we live in a world of freedom and magic and sunshine in other ways.

You are stronger than you think.

And when you are visited with this curse over and over again
It’s just that darn witch making your life harder.
Because you passed the last trial
With flying colors.

And the key to passing the test is the same key you’ve always had.
Like Dorothy in Oz.

It’s love!

Accepting love from your friends
who support you even especially when you’re in a trial.
Instead of less.

love for yourself.
because like Samwise Gamgee
we can’t carry the ring for you
but we can carry you

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