More stories from Downtown Olympia

Olympia has a pretty large anarchist scene, apparently. They’ve got fliers all over town. When I first walked around though, I thought the anarchist scene was much larger and stranger than it really is, though.

There were these people walking downtown. You could see them all over. They all were wearing a button-down shirt uniform, and above their right breast was a stylized A. Kind of like this:

“Wow!” said I. “The radical left here sure is organized.” “And really civic minded, they keep picking up trash and so on”.


Turns out the chamber of commerce or something has a “downtown ambassadors” program to “keep downtown clean and nice”.


Most local stores had a sign up: “Another Business That Supports The People’s House”. The People’s House, I learned, is a homeless shelter of some kind. I tried to track it down, but it doesn’t have a physical location yet. Quite different from Right To Dream Too, which I would discover (to my delight) just a few days later…

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