Stand with GME or the Nazis will

(Written by a friend who wishes to remain anonymous)

I’m here to talk about what’s going to happen to the 8.5M members of WSB (this is a huge number– larger than the population of NYC!) and how we could be dealing with a second wave of Americans getting red-pilled if we, the Online Left, don’t step in and start engaging with these folks. However this ends, it’s going to be an emotional experience for everyone involved. Armageddon will either be a slaughter where millions of retail investors gambled money they couldn’t afford to lose and went broke or they’ll hit the jackpot. Armageddon will trigger a tremendous amount of in-group loyalty no matter how this goes. And afterward, the story of what happened and why will start to come together. 

One way or another, there are going to be 8.5M people who will experience a life-changing moment (THAT WE ALL KNOW IS COMING) and will be incredibly susceptible to persuasive communication.

Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson are both covering this situation favorably to WSB– they’re buying goodwill right now. They’re going to be among the people who were there for them early on. That means that they’ve already won an audience with this group. They’ll help shape the post-GME narrative. In all likelihood, they’ll weave a story that ties Wall Street Corruption to the Biden Administration, the college-educated elite, and probably (sotto voice) the Jews too.

That’s where you come in. Right now you have the ability to express support for this very weird form of populist collective action. You can start to earn your seat at the table for whatever happens after Armageddon in helping to shape the story and the worldview of everyone involved. It may not be exactly the revolution that any of us want, but we do share a common enemy and this is a very rare opportunity where we know a big shock is coming. 

Millions of regular people are starting to learn all about the machinery of the finance industry for the first time. They can understand the problems that stem from our financial markets through the lens of a right-wing nationalist worldview or they can understand these problems through the lens of a left-wing global solidarity worldview. So what are some specific actions that we can all take:

  • Reddit:
    • Familiarize yourself with the dialect of WSB and the GME holders. The memes are fantastic, the language and emoji are easy and specific, and we really need to not seem like a bunch of outsiders briganding their subreddit.
    • Join WSB and start engaging. You won’t be able to post for 3 months, but you can upvote good left-wing takes and downvote right-wing nonsense into oblivion. If you find right-wing provocateurs trying to steer people down the wrong path, identify them, share their username, and collectively follow and downvote them. 
    • Elsewhere on reddit, start saying favorable things about WSB and re-contextualize the collective action as a left-wing populist uprising. It’s not Occupy, but it’s close enough that we can tell a story that rhymes Occupy. 
  • Twitter: 
    • Ask hard questions to centrist intellectuals (both left and right of center) who are down on WSB. What do they think they know that all these folks don’t? Why are they cheering for them to fail? Are they really so thirsty for likes from other elites that they’re trying to get in on the ground floor of the schadenfreude?
    • Re-contextualize news articles about WSB as being a populist movement rooted in solidarity. This is the story of people banding together in collective action, holding and buying despite tremendous pressure and disinformation to say “fuck you” to the rich. That is a winning message and is likely to lead people to Gramsci instead of Dugin. 
  • Facebook
    • Facebook is full of lower-information folks than twitter, so they’re going to have less context. This means that you’re painting with a blank canvass and can tell whatever story you want. That story is about how this is a tactical evolution of Occupy. The global movement against unmitigated corporate greed got a new tool– a bunch of memelords taking down hedge funds that get too greedy. People will think this is awesome and it will help cement the idea for low information folks that WSB is a left-wing movement.

Most importantly, don’t let good be the perfect be the enemy of the good. This is a rare moment where millions of hearts and minds hang in the balance. They can either join us in a fight for global justice or they’ll be taken in by right wing fanatics and they’ll be an obstacle to our liberation. This means compromising on our rhetoric in ways that allows us to lift up stuff that’s mostly good if somewhat objectionable.

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