Idea — Communist Loren Ipsum Generator

There should be a webapp where one specifies the amount of text they want. And instead of Loren Ipsum text, it should return a selection of particularly noteworthy or well-regarded socialist, communist, or radical text, speeches, etc.

Example use case:

I have to be an actor for stock footage. They want me to speak lines (but the audio will be cut in editing) so that it looks like a real meeting is happening in the background. Ahead of time, I know that I’ll have about 30 seconds worth of speaking, so I look up 30 seconds on the Communist Loren Ipsum app. During the shoot, I recite the killer graph from Mario Savio’s speech about throwing oneself upon the gears.

Another example use case:

I am creating a web app and need some sample fake tweets. I use Communist Loren Ipsum generator’s API to dynamically fetch tiny socialist slogans for use in those sample tweets on an as-needed basis.