Habits, Task Diaries, and APIs

Habitica is awesome. The service, which until recently went by HabitRPG, is one of those gamified “as you do good things in life, you gain level up” sort of lifehackery services. Here’s why I like it so much:

  • It’s smart enough to sort different tasks into 3 different buckets: habits (which you can do/not do at will), dailies (which you must do every day) and todos (which you do once)
  • It doesn’t take itself too seriously
  • It has a team aspect that really does help, but doesn’t overwhelm you with features.

Here’s the problem – I have two other todo list type things I already use.

iDoneThis, which is a delightful early Web2.0 holdover, emails me every day and asks, simply, what I’ve accomplished. I’ve got 3 years worth of diaries on that thing – it’s the most consistent diary-style service or habit I’ve ever used.

EngMatchingLogs, a newer service by Hakka Labs, does something similar, then uses machine learning to match me up with a new friend every week. It’s quite delightful!

There are also small apps on my mac that interface with iDoneThis for easy todo list integration.

Wouldn’t it be nice to create a tool that syncs between all those services? Checking off something on Habitica could add an entry in my iDoneThis as well write to my EngMatchingLog.

Someone should make that.