Eric Holder is evil and complicit in evil

The New York Times reports that Eric Holder is going to resign:

President Obama’s announcement on Thursday that Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. would leave the administration sets up an election-season scramble for a replacement to carry on Mr. Holder’s civil rights crusade, wage rhetorical combat with Congress and manage the legal complexities of a presidency increasingly drawn into war with terrorists.

The new paragraphs of the article talk about how Republicans don’t like him for various imagined scandals, the political ramifications, and how Obama is weighing options of how to replace Eric Holder.

In fact, it’s not until almost the end of the (longish) article that the Times remembers to mention that Eric Holder made a choice not to prosecute the banksters that flagrantly violated laws, ethics, and contracts and caused the Great Recession. Or that Eric Holder oversaw an absolutely inexcusable reign of terror against whistleblowers. Or that he’s the key legal approval of the vast regime of spying and assassination of American citizens. (And non-citizens!)

The article, which is now titled: “Eric Holder Resigns, Setting Up Fight Over Successor”, used to be called: “Attorney General Eric Holder, Prominent Liberal Voice in Obama Administration, Is Resigning”.

Behold! Your “liberal” media.

Eric Holder is the guy who says: “Yes! It’s completely legal!” regarding:

  • Massive NSA spying
  • Patriot Act
  • Killing(!) American citizens without a trial
  • Everything that happened to Aaron Swartz, Jeremy Hammond, Chelsea Manning, etc
  • Massive, unethical, and illegal gifts to banks within the larger terrible policy of bailouts
  • “Too big to jail”

Eric Holder decided not to prosecute banksters for clear, flagrant, and huge violations of the law. To this day people walk around saying “the funny thing about the financial crisis is that it all happened legally.” This is an awful lie. He is the reason there are no bankers in jail.

Eric Holder is a bad man.

I’m sad to see people on the left defend him. And its things like this — the shoddy thinking by the so-called liberal NYT and the so-called liberal Eric Holder being terrible — that lead to people my age saying “if that’s liberalism, I want nothing to do with it!” Then they go off to become anarchists or socialists.

More power to them.