The story of the magic school bus

This is the story of how I traveled from Portland Oregon to Olympia Washington with a crazy crew of characters.

The setup:

Cece, who is amazing, lives in Olympia, and I made plans to visit her.

“How do I get there, Cece?”

“Don’t worry, just get a rideshare!”

Okay, so I go on Craigslist and find a ride. I know I’m not the only passenger, so I assume we’re going in a van or something.


Yep, he pulls up in a schoolbus. A schoolbus full of WONDER.

Prayer flags. A Nyan cat. A table between a few bus seats. Quirky musician folks. And a bed rounding out the back.

The people on the bus were also characters. Eye-patch guy (a self-proclaimed asshole). Chuckling longhair fiddler. Intense older man who is designing a super-plane. And the driver, a late-20’s hip dude who brought us all together. He bought this bus and renovated it into a sort of RV for camping purposes.

They were all headed to a fiddling festival in Washington, and I was hitching a ride until Olympia. We talked about philosophy of mind, that guy’s idea for an amphibious, beautiful, egg-shaped plane, divorces, and Irish history.

Eventually they dropped me off at Cece’s place and I never heard from them again.

What a day!