Cranky but smiling

During the Roddenberry Fellows retreat, we had this exercise where people put down their identities on virtual post-its. Many people wrote things like: “first gen college student”, or “Black”. I understood the directions a little differently.

I like the output though. It’s a pretty accurate depiction of who I am. So I thought I would share. Anything surprise you? Anything I missed?


I’m a Roddenberry Fellow!

Oops! I realized I forgot to tell you.

So, I had been a little cagey about what I’ve been up to lately, now that my year as a Berkman-Klein Fellow is over (now I’m a Berkman-Klein Affiliate, which is pretty similar, but that’s another story).

So here’s the news! I’m a Roddenberry Fellow. Yes, it’s named after Gene Roddenberry. I have been since January.

Per the website: The fellowship is “awarded to extraordinary leaders and advocates who use new and innovative strategies to safeguard human rights and ensure an equal and just society for all.”

The fellowship is for me to help grow Integrity Institute. So far, I’ve met the other fellows. They are very cool. We did a weeklong online “retreat”. We talked about the politics of star trek. It was pretty nice.

Thank you Russ Finkelstein who pushed me apply, and is in general a wonderful person.