Things I forgot to mention lately

I’ve been pretty busy lately and a lot has happened. I should update you! Normally, each of these might be fleshed out in a post of their own, but since I haven’t found the time, let’s do some bullets:

Big overview thing: Integrity Institute hit our 1-year anniversary. We did a long tweet thread of our last year. It’s pretty amazing to see it in one place.

Example items:

Some stuff that wasn’t listed there (that is still work stuff):

Not-work stuff:

  • Sarah and I got engaged! I think I mentioned that
  • We just booked a wedding venue today
  • We moved to Brooklyn
  • I bought a gaming PC
  • I bought a copy of Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 — a game from 20 years ago that I have dreamed about playing for ages. So glad I did that
  • I’m a Berkman Rebooting Social Media fellow
  • I’m on … mastodon now?
  • My non-work life is pretty boring tbh

Did I miss anything?

Honestly I’d love suggestions on what to do with my life non-workwise. I have gotten seriously out of whack. I’m so tired all the time, and I know I should go do things but I never seem to find the energy, and I never seem to stop working until 9 or 10 pm.

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