Louis D. Brandeis Legacy Fund

I love Brandeis, I love its mission. I want to help it become the best version of what it is and what it was meant to be.

I also love Louis Brandeis, the greatest american jew. He pioneered so many things: from reining in the banks to the institution of a law review to pro bono legal work to, weirdly, management consulting. A brilliant person.

And now it’s a little bit more official.

Thanks to the legendary Jules Bernstein, I’ve been added as a member of the 5-person advisory committee for the Louis D. Brandeis Legacy Fund. Think of it as a sort of donor-advised fund (de-facto, not de-jure) that operates inside Brandeis University, and funds the sort of things that it wants to see more of: social justice!

I’m honored to be asked by him to join.

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