Distillery tours in Portland

Portland is known for its local craft beers. But I don’t like beer! What is a fellow to do?

Distillery tours, of course!

We went on a walking tour of 5 different distilleries, each with a different take on what a “hipster distillery” could be.

  1. New Deal Distillery (the first photo) is clean, shiny, and into typography.
  2. The next was run by asian (Japanese) immigrants – a small room full of rice-based brews.
  3. Next, we went to a family-run distillery just getting set up, strangely enough, in a small office park. It was weird – you just walk down some normal-looking corporate hallways, and then BOOM! Vats, etc. It wasn’t fully ready yet, so we get a bunch of cocktails and learned about business from the friendly woman who set it up with her husband and daughter.
  4. This place had a biker vibe. Dark clothes, leather, whiskey.
  5. The last place (the later photos) was the original distillery around. The people behind the counter were really cool. I had the familiar problem of getting along well with a man, and then worrying I was accidentally flirting with him. I suppose I have that worry with women as well. Except often when I realize it I decide not to worry about it and “what if I’m flirting with them? That means we could go out maybe!” Whereas there isn’t that potential upside with guys. Anyways, thanks for listening to me ramble.

Hats off to Monique Teal for organizing a great trip!

P.S. Check out the sort of fliers that abound in Portland:

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