A list of lives I’d enjoy living

  1. Do things with the Harry Potter Alliance
  2. Biohacking
  3. Hacking
  4. Mozilla / Firefox maker
  5. Linux hacker
  6. Write for an alternative weekly
  7. Make art installations
  8. Be king of arduinos
  9. Crunch data and give strategic advice to organizations
  10. Interview cool people
  11. Live on a kibbutz
  12. Work on cryptography and security
  13. Housing justice organizer
  14. Read all the books! (And review them?)
  15. Organize my demographic (the “occupy generation”)
  16. Write the best blog
  17. Travel the country and meet cool people
  18. Teach Computer Science / Organizing / Free Software
  19. Join Anonymous
  20. Create a small business
  21. Join and help run a small business
  22. Sociology PhD
  23. Computer Science PhD
  24. AI
  25. Robotics
  26. Create the next A Softer World
  27. Become an ethical landlord like my dad
  28. Be king of the FPGAs
  29. Join a startup
  30. Found a startup
  31. Be a local journalist
  32. Dean at a University
  33. Write for Jacobin/Dissent/etc
  34. Study Physics / Math/ Chemistry
  35. Take community college courses
  36. Travel [Europe | South America | North America]
  37. Move to Missouri and learn from Zack Exley
  38. Teach kids (kindergarten?)
  39. Camp Counselor? Maybe?
  40. Write Android Apps
  41. Write for an arts journal
  42. RPG playtester
  43. Game designer
  44. Game writer/programmer
  45. Live the radical underemployed barista life
  46. Librarian
  47. Rich Philanthropist
  48. Soup Kitchen Worker
  49. Berkman Fellow!
  50. Be a trial lawyer/advocate
  51. Run for office
  52. Own a bookstore
  53. Bartender
  54. Apprentice.IO or other bootcamp
  55. Camp in the woods
  56. Be a farmer
  57. Act
  58. Write novels
  59. Write nonfiction

Okay, that was fun. Still no idea what I want to do next.

Do you see a pattern or anything obvious here?

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